Criminal Benches of Lideta High Court move to a new location

Federal High Court Criminal Court Moves to a new location

The federal high court has announced the change of location for conducting trials for limited criminal benches.

The change is said to only affect remand courts which used to hear bail matters, Negligent Homicide cases as well as appellate criminal cases formerly held at the Lideta bench of the federal high court.

Accordingly , starting from December 21, 2020,  benches overseeing the above matters will be conducted in the fifth floor of the newly built Federal High court Arada bench building in front of Addis Ababa Police Commission and Soramba Hotel.

Federal Court Execution Directorate moves to new location


Similarly, the federal Supreme court has announced that the Execution Directorate of the court formerly housed at Sidist Kilo In front of Yared School of Music has transferred to the 6th, 7th and 9th floors of Yeha Building  located around Addis Ababa Stadium opposite Bethzatha General Hospital.

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