Required Documents for Authorizing a power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Appointment Documents

 In addition to filling the online form as shown in our tutorial here, Persons who want to authenticate their Power of attorneys need to appear in person to one of the branches of Document Authentication and Registration Agency(DARA) within 15 days of preparation of the document.

It is mandatory for the grantor to appear in person to the branch that authenticates the POA however the representative is not needed. Make sure the full name and address of the representative you submitted in the online service request is correct as it could lead to complications in using the document.

In this page we will list out the basic documents you need to bring to DARA when you go to authenticate a power of attorney.

  1. General Power of Attorney
  • One Printed copy of online submitted power of attorney with valid service number.
  • Valid Id Of Grantor/ Unexpired Identification card, driving license and Passport are acceptable for Ethiopian Nationals Foreigners need passport/ with copy
  • Original and copy of the evidence of the ownership title in cases where the drafted power of attorney cites any special property or right transfer, (Applicable to vehicles, immovable properties etc)
  1. Family’s Power of Attorney
  • One Printed copy of online submitted power of attorney with valid service number.
  • The first power of attorney if the family power of attorney is to be given to a third party,
  • To grant family’s Power of Attorney according to Article 58 of the Civil Procedure Code, evidence of family relationship of the Principal & agency must be produced.,

In case the General or Family power of attorney cites any property, the appropriate evidence, must produced for instance,

  • Title deed for a vehicle
  • Renewed trade license for commercial establishment
  • Title deed if it is a house or a building.
  • Certificate of inheritance for rights related to heritage.
  • Power of attorney or authorization certificates the designation of a member of an association, or a general manager or a third party.
  • Where the grantor is giving the power of attorney to another individual based on a previous power of attorney document, Original copy of the initial document should be presented along with a copy.


  1. Power of Attorney for a Lawyer
  • One Printed copy of online submitted power of attorney with valid service number.
  • If a power of attorney is intended to be granted to a lawyer with the aim of representing before a court, the lawyer must have a valid license and the same has to be registered previously by the office. (Attorneys are expected to renew their licences annually and present proof of renewal to the DARA each year)


5. Revocation of Power of Attorney or Termination of Contract

  • Duly prepared revocation of power of attorney citing number and date of the previous power of attorney
  • Original and copy of the power of attorney to be revoked.
  • the Document must revoked in the office where it has been Authenticated, and Registered previously

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