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We at ,  take an integrated, full service approach which spans countries, jurisdictions, practice areas and industry sectors. We recruit only the best people at all levels of the business and we place a huge importance on teamwork.

We reject ,“One size fits all” types of  solutions to legal problems which have been worryingly prevalent in this sector. We instead try to find out the peculiar & unique interests of each of our clients and try to come up with customized solutions for each matter.

Family Law

At , we are committed to providing high-quality family law advice in a manner that is realistic and cost-effective. Our approach to the practice of family law is designed to fit the client’s individual needs and sensitivities. We work hard in assisting our clients to achieve their desired results without having to proceed to court for a determination. However, in the event that this is not possible, our lawyers are exceptionally qualified to litigate on all areas of Family Law.
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Corporate Law

Our corporate law team has vast experience in all facets of corporate law.  We take the time to carefully consult with our clients and advise of practical solutions to their complex business issues.  Whether the problem is choosing and organizing a business entity, a contractual dispute or a much more involved and complicated business transaction, we provide a complete service to our clients

Immigration Law

We have extensive experience in the whole range of immigration law matters including the various types of Business Visas, Refugee status Acquisition, Granting of Work & Residence permits etc. We are different from other companies in that we are one of the few that offer a pre-migration assessment and advice, as a way to determine visa eligibility, without requiring you to engage our services.

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Tax Law

Facing tax issues or disputes involving your business can be stressful. There is usually a lot at stake in these cases, including potential criminal charges or huge losses for your company. Whether you are an individual or a corporate owner, the tax and business litigation attorneys of can help. We handle tax and business litigation matters throughout the country in various federal courts as well as administrative bodies such as the Ethiopian Revenue & Customs Authority (ERCA) and the Ethiopian Tax Appeal Commission.

Criminal Law

Our lawyers know that people who are accused of criminal wrongdoing are worried about possibly losing their freedom, their livelihood, or even their life in grave cases.  We understand that when this happens people need quick and clear resolutions to their legal questions and concerns.  Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to devote their considerable skill and vast experience to achieve the necessary results for their clients.
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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our litigators are best known for their expertise in handling important, complex, and novel disputes.  We approach every case with the expectation that it may be tried, and our trial lawyers have enjoyed notable successes before judges and arbitrators. At the same time, we have a strong track record in finding creative ways to resolve cases early, taking into account all of the client’s legal, financial, and business objectives.  

Employment Law

We advise employer clients locally and internationally on the full range of Human Resources legal issues, including executive disputes, the employment and employee benefits aspects of restructuring, outsourcing and the overall protection of business interests.

Additionally, we try class action and individual employment cases in all federal courts of Ethiopia as well as administrative agencies throughout the country.

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Due Diligence and Document Review

Our due diligence practice spans from corporate due diligence to litigation and debt recovery due diligences. We also provide general legal document review services.

Before signing your legal documents, make sure that the fine print doesn’t leave you at risk. Let our team of experts review your documents and consult you on the best courses of action.

Mineral exploration and Manufacturing

Energy and natural resources issues present tremendous global challenges and opportunities. Ethiopia is increasingly becoming an important player in the horn of Africa within this industry. Our lawyers bring an unmatched array of expertise and long experience in these critically important, interdependent and rapidly transforming industries.

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intellectual property and trademark

Intellectual Property Law achieves its clients’ intellectual property objectives effectively and efficiently by combining a deep understanding of patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark and Plant Breeder Rights Protection (PVP) law with knowledge of our clients’ industries, including the relevant business and regulatory environments.  Our experienced patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret litigators appear regularly before courts, arbitration panels, and government agencies. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive assistance in acquiring, enforcing, defending, and exploiting intellectual properties.

Civil Societies and NGOs

The revised civil societies proclamation of Ethiopia Proc. No 1113-2009 has opened up new opportunities in the establishment and running of Non Governmental Organaizations wishing to take part in various non profit activities within the country. Our office can advice and assist you throughout the registration and smooth running of your organization.
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Other Practice Areas

Contract Drafting

We draft secure and reliable contracts that best protect your interests in your business and professional relationships.

Real Estate Law

We are available to walk you through all phases of the real estate development process, beginning from your acquisition options to transfer.


We draft & prepare contracts of adoption and assist in getting the agreement approved by the relevant authorities.

Police Clearance Certificate

We apply and aquire a certificate of good conduct on behalf of former residents of Ethiopia.

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