Principal Attorney’s Profile

Adonay T. Berehan is a seasoned attorney with a wealth of experience in Ethiopian law, bringing more than a decade of legal expertise to the table. His background encompasses a wide spectrum of legal areas, with a focus on litigation, corporate matters, and criminal law. His professional journey, coupled with his academic accomplishments, demonstrates a multifaceted legal professional dedicated to delivering comprehensive and effective legal solutions.

Education: Adonay’s legal education forms a solid foundation for his diverse skill set. He earned his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, setting the stage for his legal career. His pursuit of academic excellence continued with a Master of Arts (MA) in Human Rights, which broadened his perspective on legal frameworks and the ethical considerations inherent in legal practice.

Professional Experience: Adonay’s career trajectory showcases his ability to thrive in various legal roles. He began as a Public Prosecutor at the Ministry of Justice, where he gained hands-on experience in criminal law and courtroom advocacy. This role sharpened his litigation skills and provided insights into the nuances of criminal proceedings.

Currently, Adonay is an integral member of the ATM Law Office, a prominent general law office, known for its comprehensive legal services. As part of the office’s adept team, he plays a crucial role in delivering top-notch legal counsel to a diverse clientele, including corporate entities, individuals, and institutions. His extensive experience in litigation and corporate matters makes him an invaluable asset to clients seeking effective legal representation.

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