Frequently Asked Questions

Our Regular working hours are Monday to Friday : 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM and Saturday from 9:00A.M -2:00 PM.
We encourage each of our clients to schedule meetings with us during regular business hours. From time to time you may request that we meet you in the evening if the matter cannot wait. While we do not encourage these “special visits,” we may arrange them where necessary. If we must meet with you in the evening, we must reserve the right to add a surcharge to our regular fee for the appointment. You will be advised, in advance, of the decision concerning the surcharge. Since “special visits” may be expensive, please avoid them wherever possible.

Not necessarily. In many circumstances, we are able to meet with you at a location near your home or workplace if you reside in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. For clients elsewhere, we can handle your case without ever meeting in person, Much of what we do can be done via communications over the telephone and email.

It is best to write us a detailed email including all the pertinent facts and attaching important evidences or documents where applicable, One of our attorneys will get back to you shortly after examining your case.

A client must sign our office’s standard engagement agreement which plainly states the terms of our relationship. Once the retainer is received,  your representation will begin.

Let us know the services you need, using our contact forms and we will get back to you shortly.

You are entitled to know, to the extent that we can reasonably inform you, what your fee will be.  We encourage a frank, open discussion about our fees with each client at the time of the first interview.

Lawyers are paid under various fee arrangements.

Flat fee:
On a flat fee basis, your legal fee is a stated sum for agreed upon services.  Unless otherwise agreed, the hourly fee basis will be the presumed fee arrangement.

Hourly fee:
On an hourly fee basis, fees are based on an hourly rate for services rendered.  A detailed, itemized bill will be given to you showing all work done on your case.  This explanation may come monthly or at the end of your case, whichever way you choose to be billed. 

Contingency fee:
On a contingency fee basis, your legal fees will be based on the amount of recovery we get for you; no recovery, no fee.  You may have the option of choosing this plan in lieu of other options in limited cases. However, not all cases qualify for the contingency basis; we will tell you if yours does.  In either case, we will prepare for you an engagement agreement setting forth the fee arrangement.

Other potential fees:
A pre-payment will often be required in order to begin to process your matter and you will be kept advised as to how that pre-payment is being used.  Bills will be sent to you periodically showing your charges and payments.

We try to keep legal fees as reasonable as possible.  The amount of services required, however, is not fully within our control.  We discuss with our client options for services and the benefits of services.   Sometimes, however, services are directly related to an opposing party’s action or inaction.  Please feel free to discuss fees with your lawyer.

In addition to legal fees, there could be various expenses that must be paid to others in order to prepare your legal matter. For example, payments may be required to obtain necessary evidences or copies of necessary documents,  to obtain licenses or permits from governmental authorities, to file suits in courts of law, in addition to other outside entities that are necessary to help your cause. Generally, the amounts of these charges will be in direct proportion to the complexity of the matter involved. The easier your matter is to solve, the less these costs will ordinarily be.

At the start of your legal matter, we will try to estimate for you the amount of out-of-pocket expenses which may be incurred on your behalf. We will discuss with you whether or when you will be required to reimburse us for these expenditures which are made on your behalf to further your legal cause.

We are in an age of specialization. As times have changed, no attorney can possibly keep up with all areas and complexities of the law, and that is why our team is comprised of the top legal minds, each with their own area of practice. Our firm is also unique in that while we all specialize in various aspects of the law, the size of our legal team allows us to offer counsel on nearly any facet of the law.

In addition to checks, and direct bank transfers we accept transfers through the major money remitting services. e.g. Western Union, Money Gram & Dahabshiil


Appointments can be made by using our contact page forms or you can call us on +251920232935.

We are also available on Whatsapp & Telegram with this number. 

Attorneys at are licenced to practice law at all Federal courts in Ethiopia including the Federal Supreme Court Cassation Bench. Additionally, we are registered as Official Trademark Agents with the Ethiopian intellectual property Office (EIPO) to provide you with the services you need.

Be careful who you choose. Some big name law firms spend millions on advertising and are flooded with clients. You do not end up dealing with an actual attorney and it can take months to be able to get a reply. Choose an attorney that does not have hundreds of clients at one time and can focus on your case.

We understand the importance of communication and transparency between attorney and client.  Although we would like to talk to you weekly by telephone, that would be neither practical nor productive.  Legal matters have a way of stretching out over long periods of time.  To you, it may often seem like ages have gone by without activity, however, in fact, much behind-the-scenes work is being completed so that on the day your matter is ready, nothing will be overlooked.  In order to keep the cost of legal services down while maximizing communications, we will strive to keep you informed when anything important happens and to respond to your questions in a reasonable time.  In addition, we will inform you when your presence is required, either in our office or in court.

Yes we do, Clients who are interested in retaining our services for their criminal cases can be visited in person by one of our attorneys  at their place of detention. We consider this to be an essential component of the services we provide to clients under custody.

Most Juridical acts require the client to give us a power of attorney (POA) authenticated by his/her nearest Ethiopian embassy inorder for us to represent their interests. We will prepare you such a document in a language understandable by you, that is limited in scope to the service you need.

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