Most frequently asked questions and answers about Litigation and Dispute Settlment in Ethiopia

Our Office will not charge you before we review your case and we agree on a convenient  payment option applicable to your case. Our fee structures are transparent and there will be no surprise additions to your final bill.

Yes. Because your communications with us are privileged, it is important that you make full disclosure of all pertinent facts of your case so that we can fully evaluate your case. The information you share with us is protected by the attorney-client privilege and will remain confidential. This protection applies even when our legal representation ends or if you do not retain our services.

Our law office handles cases of all sizes, from simple to complex. We are experienced trial lawyers with the knowledge and resources to represent our clients in all types of civil, criminal and administrative  cases. Our attorneys are dedicated to obtaining justice for clients from all walks of life regardless of how large or small the matter.

At we will never settle your claim without your consent. We make recommendations of whether to settle or not, but the ultimate decision to settle or not lies with you.

Most certainly. Many of our clients are busy and want to avoid going to court. Though our attorneys have successfully tried many cases, many of our cases are settled before trial. We do our very best to come to a reasonable settlement before filling a lawsuit, and we never file suit without our client agreeing to do so.

Determining the value of a case is one of the harder questions for a plaintiff lawyer to answer. There are many factors that need to be considered, including time and labour spent by us on your behalf; complexity of the matter and difficulty; number and importance of documents prepared or reviewed. Once an analysis is done by one of our attorneys on the above factors we will send you an engagement letter which clearly stipulates the scope of work and fee structure.

You are entitled to know, to the extent that we can reasonably inform you, what your fee will be.  We encourage a frank, open discussion about our fees with each client at the time of the first interview.

Lawyers are paid under various fee arrangements.

Flat fee:
On a flat fee basis, your legal fee is a stated sum for agreed upon services.  Unless otherwise agreed, the hourly fee basis will be the presumed fee arrangement.

Hourly fee:
On an hourly fee basis, fees are based on an hourly rate for services rendered.  A detailed, itemized bill will be given to you showing all work done on your case.  This explanation may come monthly or at the end of your case, whichever way you choose to be billed. 

Contingency fee:
On a contingency fee basis, your legal fees will be based on the amount of recovery we get for you; no recovery, no fee.  You may have the option of choosing this plan in lieu of other options in limited cases. However, not all cases qualify for the contingency basis; we will tell you if yours does.  In either case, we will prepare for you an engagement agreement setting forth the fee arrangement.

Other potential fees:
A pre-payment will often be required in order to begin to process your matter and you will be kept advised as to how that pre-payment is being used.  Bills will be sent to you periodically showing your charges and payments.

We try to keep legal fees as reasonable as possible.  The amount of services required, however, is not fully within our control.  We discuss with our client options for services and the benefits of services.   Sometimes, however, services are directly related to an opposing party’s action or inaction.  Please feel free to discuss fees with your lawyer.

In addition to legal fees, there could be various expenses that must be paid to others in order to prepare your legal matter. For example, payments may be required to obtain necessary evidences or copies of necessary documents,  to obtain licenses or permits from governmental authorities, to file suits in courts of law, in addition to other outside entities that are necessary to help your cause. Generally, the amounts of these charges will be in direct proportion to the complexity of the matter involved. The easier your matter is to solve, the less these costs will ordinarily be.

At the start of your legal matter, we will try to estimate for you the amount of out-of-pocket expenses which may be incurred on your behalf. We will discuss with you whether or when you will be required to reimburse us for these expenditures which are made on your behalf to further your legal cause.

The first thing we do is to listen to your issue and understand the nature of the dispute and your specific goals in resolving it. We give you our opinion on legal options and the chances of being successful. We agree upon a game plan. We put that game plan in writing so that both lawyer and client understand what we are doing and why. We then execute our plan in the most direct way possible. We explore settlement if the case requires it. If settlement is not an option, we aggressively and efficiently move the case towards resolution using the tools of litigation, being prepared, persuasive, and diligent. At every step, the client is kept informed and is actively included in decision-making and strategy.

We understand the importance of communication and transparency between attorney and client.  Although we would like to talk to you weekly by telephone, that would be neither practical nor productive.  Legal matters have a way of stretching out over long periods of time.  To you, it may often seem like ages have gone by without activity, however, in fact, much behind-the-scenes work is being completed so that on the day your matter is ready, nothing will be overlooked.  In order to keep the cost of legal services down while maximizing communications, we will strive to keep you informed when anything important happens and to respond to your questions in a reasonable time.  In addition, we will inform you when your presence is required, either in our office or in court.

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